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#1 Asterix Comics Series 1- 35

16-06-2013, 20:02 Author:jk_tinydl Category:E-Book

Asterix Comics Series 1- 35
Asterix Comics Series 1- 35
English | Ebooks Collection | PDF | 480.69 MB

Asterix 35 - All At Sea.pdf -49.88 MB
Asterix 07 - Asterix The Legionary.pdf -18.35 MB
Asterix 06 - Asterix The Gladiator.pdf -18.22 MB
Asterix 09 - Asterix And The Big Fight.pdf -16.8 MB
Asterix 29 - Asterix Versus Caesar (Film Edition).pdf -15.67 MB
Asterix 10 - Asterix And The Roman Agent.

Asterix Comics Series 1- 35.rar

#2 Asterix and the Cauldron

22-05-2013, 10:37 Author:freutut Category:E-Book

Asterix and the Cauldron
Asterix and the Cauldron
English | ISBN: 075286629X | PDF | 47 Pages | 11,45 Mb
A neighboring Gaulish chief asks the people of Asterix’s village to help guard a cauldron full of money from the Romans. But the sneaky chief plans to double-cross everyone. So he steals back the cash just when Asterix is standing sentinel. Can Asterix and Obelix recover the riches?

Asterix and the Cauldron.rar

#3 Asterix and the Magic Carpet

7-06-2013, 18:04 Author:freutut Category:E-Book

Asterix and the Magic Carpet
Asterix and the Magic Carpet
English | ISBN: 0340427205 | PDF | 44 Pages | 11,64 Mb
In a race against time, Asterix, Obelix and friends set out from Gaul - by means of a magic carpet - to rescue an Indian princess. As usual, they create havoc along the way, but emerge (almost) unscathed. This is the 30th Asterix comic strip adventure.

Asterix and the Magic Carpet.rar

#4 Asterix the Gladiator

28-06-2013, 12:12 Author:jk_tinydl Category:E-Book


Asterix the Gladiator
Asterix the Gladiator
English | ISBN: 0752866117 | PDF | 48 Pages | 23,7 Mb

Oh no! The Romans have captured Cacofonix as a gift for Caesar-and the Emperor plans to throw him to the lions. There's only one way for Asterix and Obelix to rescue their bard: they have to become gladiators themselves.

Asterix the Gladiator.rar

#5 Asterix in Corsica

7-06-2013, 17:33 Author:freutut Category:E-Book

Asterix in Corsica
Asterix in Corsica
English | ISBN: 0752866443 | PDF | 45 Pages | 11,8 Mb
Asterix and Obelix meet a new friend: a Corsican chieftain who had been Caesar's prisoner. Together, the trio returns to Corsica to help foil the evil plans of the corrupt Roman, Praetor Perfidius.

Asterix in Corsica.rar

#6 Asterix Obelix and Co

6-06-2013, 19:44 Author:freutut Category:E-Book

Asterix Obelix and Co
Asterix Obelix and Co
English | ISBN: 0752866524 | PDF | 47 pages | 10,74 Mb
Watch out! Julius Caesar has devised his most cunning attack yet on the indomitable Gauls. He has sent Caius Preposterus, a graduate of the Latin School of Economics, to corrupt them by introducing big business into their little town. But will wealth and success bring the Gauls happiness...or trouble?

Asterix Obelix and Co.rar
Asterix and Obelix God Save Britannia 720p BluRay x264-TheWretched
Release name: Asterix.and.Obelix.God.Save.Britannia.720p.BluRay.x264-TheWretched
Resolution: 1280?536
Size: 4.37 GiB
Date: 16.02.2013

Asterix and Obelix God Save Britannia 720p BluRay x264-TheWretched.rar

#8 Asterix and the Black Gold

6-06-2013, 20:16 Author:freutut Category:E-Book

Asterix and the Black Gold
Asterix and the Black Gold
English | ISBN: 0752847139 | PDF | 45 Pages | 10,55 Mb
The druid Getafix is running short of rock oil - an essential ingredient in the magic potion that gives the Gaulish villagers superhuman strength to fight Julius Caesar's Roman legions. But the Phoenician merchant Ekonomikrisis has forgotten the druid's order, and Asterix and Obelix set off to prospect for black gold in the Middle Eastern desert. Their mission is complicated by the Roman secret agent Dubbelosix and his amazing folding chariot, which is equipped with all the latest spy gadgets.

Asterix and the Black Gold.rar

#9 Asterix & Obelix XXL 1 &2(PC)

17-04-2013, 15:54 Author:mrkoll0708 Category:Games

Asterix & Obelix XXL 1 &2(PC)
Asterix & Obelix XXL 1 & 2

Year : 2005 | Publisher: Atari | Developer: Etranges Libellule | ENG | PC | 2.97 GB
Genre: Action adventure
Action adventure game based on the famous French comic book series by Les Edition Albert René/Goscinny-Uderzo. Players control both heroes at once similar to Nintendo"s Mario & Luigi roleplaying game -- but the game is completely action-focused. By utilizing the special powers of both Asterix and Obelix at once players can execute elaborate combo moves between the two main heroes using such functions as the twister fusion earthquake and atomic magic potion.
Game Features

Asterix & Obelix XXL 1 &2(PC).rar

#10 Asterix (La Gran Colección) Tomos del 3 al 6

18-06-2013, 05:01 Author:ghetit230 Category:E-Book

Asterix (La Gran Colección) Tomos del 3 al 6
Asterix (La Gran Colección) Tomos del 3 al 6
Ed. Salvat, 2011 | CBR/RAR | Spanish | 4 tomos | 269 MB Total

Asterix (La Gran Colección) Tomos del 3 al 6.rar
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